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Goats/Boer Goat just not himself today.


I have a Boer Goat Wether that is to be butchered Oct 14. He has had his tail down all day. I let them out of their pen to more pasture and he eats, pee's and poops fine. Does not seem to be in any pain. So I watched him to check him peeing and pooping and was no problem. Took his temp and it was 104.1. I gave him 3cc of High Level B-complex because I know that wont be a problem in getting him butchered. Just worried about that temp. Need to keep him healthy and alive for a missionary dinner for the church and wont be able to change the butcher date using antibiotics. Any ideas or am I just worrying too much? Thanks, Rick.

I think the B complex was a good move. I would take his temp again and continue to keep an eye on him. Sometimes they can have a temp that high normally and it isn't a problem. Obviously there isn't much else you can do treatment-wise at this time. Either something will evolve or it won't. Good luck with him.


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