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One of my female goats (only have 2 dwarf sisters0 is constantly screaming and crying today.  Has been feed, watered and given soda cracker treats.  Looks healthy, walking, wagging tail.
Just put out Bermuda grass for them on Saturday (2 days ago) bought from a reputable feed and grain farm store.  Hopefully, this hay is not the problem.

Usually (because they are spoiled)  cry when they see us, drive up in driveway, etc. but always stop.

Thank you for your help

I would bet that she is in heat. The tail wagging is called flagging. Some of them need a buck around to get worked up, but others don't. It should go away in a day or two. If you want to breed her, write the date on your calendar and be ready to take her to a buck in 3 weeks.


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