we have this 5 to 6 months doeling, that have a lump on the left side where her jaw and throat meets and this happened over night, her eye lid color is dark pink so i ruled out bottle jaw and it doesnt seem like a CL to me because it doesnt feel like an abscess, its just swollen and its soft. she is eating fine running around active and just like i said it happend over night. i dont know what is it or what can i do. thank you and GOD Bless

Most lumps are either an abscess, either infected or CL, or a cyst.  Overnight development usually indicates an abscess.  How large is the lump? A beginning abscess can easily be soft/swollen at the beginning.  Something could have stuck her in the area - either a stick, or sticker, or something else creating the abscess or a reaction creating a cyst.  The area is an area where CL abscesses form.  Would watch to see if it becomes tighter/more tense, and if so then would need to open it.  Let me know - Donna


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