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In your opinion, what would be the best goat breed to breed, when breeding dairy goats?

We all have our favorite breeds because of certain breed characteristics.  We raise the Oberhasli breed of dairy goat and have for 28 years - they are quiet, mellow, easy to handle, give milk that does not have a goaty taste to it.  That is what made us choose this breed and we have never regretted it.

Some questions for you:
1. What production do you want from your goats - all milk, perhaps some meat use, how much milk do you want or need, are you planning on selling the milk or milk products. Do you like goaty flavor goat milk - Saanen, Alpine, Nubian, etc., except for Obers.
2. How much room do you have?
3. Will you have your own buck?
4. How many goats will you have?
5. Do you have a market for bucklings - that is, in breeding you may find you get more boys than girls and for economics you might need to sell the boys/wethers/bucklings for meat.
6. Do you have any experience in goat care.  
7. Have you checked into local feed available and its cost?
8. What dairy goat breeds are available around you and what is their cost.

Let me know - I will give you some ideas as to which breed might fit your needs, without being biased about my Obers, ha, ha.  


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NAPgA, The Evergreen Packgoat Club, 4H, ADGA.

Hobby Farm, many newspapers, 4H newsletters, Packgoat Manuals (youth and general), judging information pamphlets, seminar handouts about health care and nutrition.

4 years of college, ongoing education in goats.

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