QUESTION: Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min.) 16.00%, Crude Fat (min.) 3.50%, Calcium (Ca) (min.) .80%, Phosphorus (P) (min.) .50%, Salt (NaCl) (min.) .50%, Crude Fiber (max.) 12.00%, Calcium (Ca) (max.) 1.30%, Salt (NaCl) (max.) 1.00%, Copper (Cu) (min.) 40.00ppm, Copper (Cu) (max.) 45.00ppm, Selenium (Se) (min.) .60ppm, Zinc (Zn) (min.) 90.00ppm, Vitamin A (min.) 5000.00IU/lb., Vitamin D3 (min.) 750.00IU/lb., Vitamin E (min.) 40.00IU/lb.

This is all that's on this bag

  Dumor goat pelleted formula
From tractor supply

ANSWER: Added info:  Usually by about 2 to 3 days out after antibiotics the increased peeing and blood should diminish.  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

 I sure hope so
This little guy has gone thru enough
I will keep you up to date on his progress if you would like
He is such a sweetheart...

ANSWER: The main thing this little guy has going for him is you - take care - would love to hear his progress - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

 Update so far on Harley my goat
Seems to be doing a lot better
He is running around playing seems like he's having a grand old time and his poop seems a lot firm
The parasite I could not remember is called:
parasites called coccidia  !!!
WHat a pain it is trying to break down this amprolium in cc dose
Fo his coccidia
He is only 12 lbs
Anyway I'll keep you updated


Thanks for the update.  Every goat has coccidia in its poop and generally it does not bother the goat - if the poop becomes green diarrhea then it should be treated.  We use Corid (a powder) or Sulmet (a liquid) and these work much better and easier than amprolium.  So doubt the coccidia is doing anything to his system without the diarrhea.  So glad he is doing well, it is the antibiotics and all your care - hope this helps - Donna


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