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QUESTION: Hi Donna::
I'm a new goat owner of a Nigerian dwarf Pygmy Goat
He loves to eat leaves and celery and carrots
I also give him a little bit of spinach
Along with his grains..
My question is how much is too much ??
His sides look like there going to blow up
Also the breeder told me to give him 4 oz 3x a day
Of goat milk replacer
There are so many controversial answers about what to feed how much to feed want to give them the drink I don't know what's right from wrong ugggggg
By the way he is 8 weeks old as of 10/18/14

 Thank you

ANSWER: What type of milk replacer are you using?  At 8 weeks of age he should be on only once to twice a day milk feedings, and looking at his size I would say no more than 3 to 4 ounces, especially if he is eating other items.  What type of grain do you have him on?  By 8 weeks of age milk feedings should be lessened and the roughage and grains (such as calf manna as other goat grains are too much for a kid goat's rumen).  With the symptoms that certainly sound like bloat and possible constipation, if he is not pooping well - question would be is he pooping regular pellets? The laying down a lot also is a symptom of bloat.  Is he drinking water by himself?

Since he is bloated I would at least begin him on human mineral oil - given as an oral drench - for his size probably one tablespoon as soon as possible, then another dose in 2 hours, then wait for 4 to 6 hours - usually two doses allow the bloat to subside but if he not he may need more dosings.  Let me know about my questions.  

I would also dilute his milk replacer to 1/2 the amount of milk replacer powder used.  

Have you orally dosed a goat before?  Let me know.  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

 I'm feeding him Dumor goat feed pellets all life stages
Also the milk replace is  Dumor milk replacer goat kid.
Both sold at tractor supply..
I add some Dumor 12% sweet feed  to his food also..not a lot
He is pooping great !! No issue there
And today he seems to be great running around no issues
As far as water I give him fresh water but he will only drink it out of a babby bottle
At this point so you know I water down that milk replacer a lot
He just won't drink water out of a bowl
I've never Orally dosed a goat before
By the way his poop pellets are likes clumped together at times
And other times. They are not..
Thank you Donna for all your help


Thanks for the info/update.  

Glad he seems better.  Re the poop being clumped sometimes - this can be due to worms - I generally start worming kid goats at 8 weeks of age - I use a regimen with oral horse wormers - Zimectrin and Safeguard types - these work very well and are easy to give and are safe for all productions of goats and all ages starting at 2 months of age.  For kid goats under 4 months of age or under 30 pounds weight they receive 1/2 inch of the wormer - you start with one wormer and then 2 months later you use 1/2 inch of the other wormer - you switch back and forth once every 2 months between the wormers - this keeps the worms from getting resistant to the wormer - this is an oral wormer - I put 1/2 inch on my finger and put it over the middle part of their tongue and close their mouth - they usually like it.  

The worms could have caused his bloating.  

Re nutrition, at 8 weeks of age a kid goat should be on a good grass, orchard, or timothy hay, as well as a good goat grain - pelleted is best - with a 14 to 16% protein and vitamins and minerals - for a 15 pound kid goat the amount should be about 1/4 flake of a good hay and 1/2 cup of a good goat pelleted grain once a day.  Too much extra items such as raw vegetables can disrupt a young rumen.

Hope this helps - Donna - let me know


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