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Blooded belly
Blooded belly  
QUESTION: The mother is my smallest Pygmy goat & she had 3 babies 1 was very sm. & the other 2 would get most of the milk so the tiny one started eating early feed, grass, hay. Now her belly looks blooded & has diarrhea (brown) she does not act sick & she eat very well. Took her to a vet he gave her .06 ivomec & told me to give her 1.0 mineral oil 2 # a day. After a week she is still the same condition.

ANSWER: Injectable Ivomec does not work well in goats and can be very toxic to kid goats.  Brown diarrhea in kid goats means either digestive upset (from over eating or worms) or bacterial gastritis.  Bloat would be consistent with the little one eating too much grass and hay - is the hay alfalfa? Generally Pygmy goats do have a large abdomen due to the breed.

For bloat mineral should help within 2 to 4 hours time, not days.  Dosing is generally 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight every 2 to 4 hours for at least two doses.  So, for a little one like her probably one tablespoon as the dose.  

What color are her lower inner eyelids?  

Has she grown well over the past 2 months?

Is there any way she could have gotten into grain or too much hay?

The issue is that with bloat generally they do not poop or even have diarrhea.  For diarrhea you would not give mineral oil but instead give pepto bismol, which the dose for is 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight every 4 hours, giving at least two doses - so, again for this little one she would probably get 1 tablespoon given orally.  

Let me know about the questions above - hope this helps - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Answer to your questions. She hasn't grown much, her 2 brothers are almost twice her size.  The bottoms of her eyes look normal, outside eyelids are black, she gets about 2 cups of food a day, it's a pellet 12 % protein, but when she is in open field with grass she never stops eating. She always wants to eat! How much feed do you suggest, I never see her drink milk from her mom.

Thanks for the update. At her age and size she should be on about 1 cup of a pelleted grain with 12 to 14% protein. Pasture is fine. She could be hungry due to worms or she is lacking enough fat in her diet. Would suspect wo ms first. Would suggest using an oral horse wormer next for her worming. Could dose her in 2 weeks time. Would use oral horse safeguard wormer giving her 1 inch length of this placed iner mouth. Would also suggest giving one or two doses of pepto bismol (human type) at one tablespoon orally once and again in 4 hours.  Would also suggest giving her some probiotics. Human yogurt works well and you can mix one teaspoon of the yogurt with a little water to thin it enough to give as an oral drench once a day until the diarrhea stops. Is she drinking water? Hope this helps. Let me know. Thanks.


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