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QUESTION: might go for the past couple days has been having clumpy stools sometimes it's pelletized but clump together and other times its not...I took his temperature tonight( tuesday) it was 103.4... I also had a wormer that I gave him on Sunday,  but I'm concerned it could be something else.   He is eating, urinating fine,  but very clingy .  Also started the ACV/water mixture just to make sure we don't have problems with uurination. Any suggestions would be great.  I called a large animal vet, but they were of due to holiday.

Thank you

ANSWER: Is he eating as well as he usually does? Is he drinking water as well as he usually does? The temp is concerning as anything over 102.5 usually indicates a fever which then indicates an infection.  The clumped together pellets usually indicates worms but can indicate the beginning of pneumonia if the poop turns to diarrhea or mushy.  Worms would not cause a fever.  Any discharge from his nose or any cough?  Urinary calculi would also not cause a fever.  His attitude/clingy is this new for him? You are certainly welcome to start him on either an oral antibiotic or injectable just to cover for any infection.  As long as you give him probiotics during the time of antibiotics the antibiotics would not hurt him.  Do you have any antibiotics? Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: yes he is eating fine and drinking fine...we also have a Nigerian Dwarf 4 months old.
they both sleep in the house at night and go out during the day. I feed them 16% medicated pellets, 12% horse. Pallets and also black oil sunflower seeds.  I ran out of the seeds last week and said they were just eating the pellets and then Sunday I start them back on the pellets and seeds and looked online it said the black oil sunflower seeds are also a part of fiber so I thought that maybe that might be something as far as his poop is concerned.   I have a sample of his poop should I take that and get it looked at or should I just take him to a vet since he is possibly running a fever.   he hasn't been coughing every now and then he'll sneeze but nothing out of the ordinary no mucus in his nosebut started my concern was his poop and today when I got home he was inside with my husband and my children and he almost had that sweaty wet feel.   that's when I decided to take his temperature.   


Thanks for the update.  If the goat was in the house, then that might be why he was warm.  So, from that I might say not to worry currently, just watch that he continues to eat and drink well. Usually the first sign of an infection/fever would be that the goat is not eating well.  You certainly could take in a poop sample for the vet to run an ova and parasite test, this is up to you.  The change in diet could also have changed the poop consistency, so this would change back to normal pellets within a short time frame.  What did you worm him with?  Normally wormer takes about 4 to 6 days to really work so it would take that long to see normal pellets again.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna  


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