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QUESTION: I have 2 nubian does that are pregnant and I am not sure if I should feed them Dumor Goat Dewormer that I got from TSC, I do not know if it will hurt them. I'm also not sure if herbal deworming could effect them. Does area (Southwestern New York) also contribute to the different worms they can get?

ANSWER: From what I read that wormer is okay for pregnant does.  I do not use that wormer though.  Generally herbal deworming is okay for all production of goats, but you need to check re the ingredients on the wormer.  General areas of the country as well as pastures have specific worm issues.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Ok thank you,  one more question (sorry)  are there certain chemicals in any dewormer that would hurt a lactating doe?  Thanks again.

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay. Yes, certain chemicals/dewormers are not good for pregnant does/their unborn kids.  I exclusively use oral horse wormers of Zimectrin and Safeguard which are both okay for all productions of goats including pregnant goats.  I would advise looking at the ingredients and instructions and precautions on the label of other wormers to check if they are okay for pregnant animals.  I would be happy to send you my worming regimen that I use.  Donna

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QUESTION: I would greatly apriciate that, thanks

Hi there - because we are on pasture I deworm every 2 months.  I use both Safeguard and Zimectrin, which are oral horse wormers.  You start with one, does not matter which, and then switch to the other wormer in 2 months, then switch back and forth every 2 months (this is single dose every 2 months.  You weigh the goat (I use the heart girth tape measure weight chart) and use twice the goat's weight to find that measurement on the plunger.  You then place the lock at that point and give the goat this paste as an oral drench.  If the goat is too small in weight to find the twice weight measurement on the plunger, you would use 1/2 inch for up to 50 pounds body weight and 1 inch up to 100 pounds body weight - you squeeze out the wormer paste onto your finger for the measurement and then place it in the goat's mouth.  Both these wormers can be used safely on all productions of goats, and kid goats starting at 2 months of age.  Hope that helps - Donna


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