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QUESTION: I have an 8 yr. old goat that has been bleeding from the vulva. She was fine in the morning and in a couple of hours I noticed she was bleeding quite a bit. When she urinates there is blood and also spots where she has laid down were bloody and some spots were very thick and bright red.She is not acting like herself.Laying down alot. I took her to a vet today he said she might just be in her heat cylcle, which I have never seen her bleed before.He also said maybe infection or possiblity of a tumor. Not really sure . He put her on antibiodics but I am very nervous and was hoping for another opinion

ANSWER: Are you sure the bleeding is also coming from the vulva?  Usually two possibilities in goats with these symptoms, urinary calculi or infection.  Tumor is certainly possible, but is something difficult at best to figure out.    

Did the vet take her temperature, and if so what was the measurement?

What antibiotics did he put her on?  

Has there been a buck around her?

Back to the urinary calculi or stones, usually doe/female goats do not get urinary calculi, but that can happen if the calcium in their diet is extremely high.  To remedy this concentrated lemon juice given at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight every 2 hours for four doses.  This is given as an oral drench.  This breaks down any urinary stones and allows them to come out with the urine.

If this is a bladder or kidney infection (or uterine infection too if indeed the blood is from the vulva) penicillin injectable given intramuscularly at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 7 days along with probiotics during that time generally will take care of most infections.  

Please let me know about the questions.  Thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: The vet did take her temp. did not tell me what it was but was not concerned. He put her on Sulfametloxazole ? 2x a day in case of infection.There are no other goats around . I have been looking up possible causes and am wondering if it could possibly be copper toxicity. I have a donkey and a horse that all eat the same grain and have recently put in a mineral block that I just looked up the copper in and it was very high.I did not realize that could be a problem. The vet seemed to really think it was her cycle but do they bleed with their cycle? She has never that I know of. Thank you for your help and I would appreciate anything else you might add. Thanks

Thanks for the update.  Copper toxicity is possible but it takes a huge amount of copper, and the blocks are fine for goats, unless of course the goat ate the block all by itself.  If you can would take a temp.  Anything over 102.5 indicates a fever and that indicates an infection.  And, you are correct, doe goats do not bleed during their cycle.  I take it the sulfa is oral?  If so, this will not help.  Injectable antibiotics must be given to get deep to the source of the issue.  Penicillin is an over the counter antibiotic sold at most farm/feed stores, along with 20 gauge, 1/2 to 3/4 inch length needles, which are best for goats.  This is given in the rear thigh muscle.  I can give you more info on that if you decide to start the injectable.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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