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I have a two year old female goat who has been relatively thin recently. She is always docile so I didnít immediately notice her lack of energy, but last night I realized she was shivering. She was able to stand and walk fine but did not seem to want to move anywhere voluntarily. Her back is hunched and her hair is scruffy and rough. She has hair loss on either side of her neck near her withers in about 3-4 short (approximately 1-1.5 inch) streaks, almost as if someone ran their fingers down and pulled all the hair off with it. I have not checked her temperature yet but will do that today. She seemed a bit weak in the back end, like she could fall over. She ate normally.

The symptoms could indicate a number of possibilities.  One is an infection, another is anemia, another is selenium deficiency, another is worms, and possibly other ones.  Some questions for you.  You said she is eating normally.  Is she drinking normally?  Is she peeing and pooping normally?  Is her poop the pellets? What color are her lower inner eyelids? When was she last wormed? Have you ever given her selenium supplements?

What antibiotics do you have on hand?  Yes, would like to know the temperature measurement when you get it.  Anything over 102.5 indicates a fever which indicates a fever.  The shivering indicates she either has a fever and these are chills, or the fact that she is thin is not allowing her body to stay warm.  

Please let me know - Donna


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