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Goats/5 yr old nubian/high repsiration/lump right side front of barrel


Hi,went on vacation. Goat has high respiration, like he run 5 miles. not much chewing after a meal. I have on limited food right now. But he eats, drinks, urinates, potties. plays a little. last night found hard lump on ride side in front part of barrel. I thought he got to much grain while gone. Its been going on for 2 weeks off and on. I'm alone so some things hard to do. I read lots of stuff, use Mylanta, no water, give water, feed straw...I'm lost. can you help ?

The lump may or may not be part of the high respirations/breathing hard.  Does he look bloated at all, especially on the left side? How big is the hard lump? Does it move at all? Do you have any other goats that might have hit him hard? When he eats does any of the food fall out of his mouth? Did this start before or after you left on vacation?

The high respirations could indicate the start of a pneumonia for which he may need antiiotics - most antibiotics that work for pneumonia, both injectable and oral, usually can be bought over the counter at most feed/farm stores.  The high respirations could also be digestive upset.  You could start with some pepto bismol - people type - given orally at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight two doses, four hours apart - then wait and see if this helps over the next day.

Re the lump, this could be an abscess.  I would watch this to see if it gets bigger or more tense/hair loss with skin tightening and then that would indicate it is probably an abscess that may need to be opened up.  

If he stops pooping, or peeing or stops eating and drinking let me know - hope this helps - Donna


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