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QUESTION: Hi Donna , suspected M E , with this goat a young pygmy buck , 9 months . He is being treated with Banamine and panacure as well as Selenium injections . He went down gradually , first one back leg then the other and finally all 4 . Continues to eat , drink , poop normal and pee . He can stand assisted . Question , the owner is concerned about possible M E and the med Ivermectin injectable has been recommended . Can ivermectin 1.87% horse wormer work for M E , And if yes what dose of the horse wormer ?

ANSWER: Hi there - when you say ME are you talking about meningeal encephalopathy? If so then Fenbendazole at three times the goat's weight is the wormer needed for the worm we are talking about here.  What do the lower inner eyelids look like? Was the goat circling or acting strange before legs started being involved? If this is just selenium deficiency Bo-Se injections will not help as there has to be vitamin D involved at the same time in order for the selenium and vitamin E to work.  No injuries to the back that were noted? Let me know - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna, some more info on the young buck. He is around 75 lb's and is getting the horse wormer Panacur. He never circled or acted abnormal, just started getting wobbly until he went down. He tends to lay flat on his side, but the owner has him up 3x a day and while stabilizing him he walks and is really alert and curious' eating loads of hay. The owner only has human Vitamin D drop's 1000UI per drop. What would be the dosage he should be giving? In my judgment, this is Selenium deficiency and may require more than 1 shot to bring him back. I had a doeling with same symptoms and gave selenium 6 days straight, risky, but it worked. Thanks.

Re the Pancur it also must be given at 3 times the goat's body weight for correct dosing, and then given once a week for three weeks.  That should take care of possible meningeal worm.  Re selenium, dosing for selenium deficiency for a 9 month old goat is 1 mg of selenium (10 200 mcg tablets) mixed with all the oil in a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and all the oil in an 800 IU vitamin D capsule.  Would start at once, and then again in 2 days and again in 10 days. If it is selenium deficiency you should see improvement in muscle strength in 2 days.  You may need to double all this dose for a length of dosing - once, 2 days and 10 days.  The reason it takes more than one shot of selenium to bring them back is that it does not contain the vitamin D.  Hope this helps - Donna


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