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Goats/goat not eating and just not acting right


I just bought a nanny and her two daughters that are about 6 months old. Today I noticed one of the daughters not acting quite right and then when they were fed she came with the others to the feeder but just stood there and made no attempt to eat. I went to TSC and got pelleted wormer the other 2 gobbled it up but not the other. Really concerned not sure what to do short of calling the vet. Thanks, Joanie

Have you taken her temp?  Anything over 102.5 is a fever.  The fever is from an infection.  Is her stomach bloated looking at all?  Is she peeing and pooping.  Did you just change feeds?  What type of grain are you feeding? Any new/different food? Because you just got them, the travel, even if it was short, could easily cause shipping fever which is pneumonia.  With pneumonia they stop eating, look depressed but many times do not run a fever.  For this they need injectable penicillin with probiotics and vitamin B complex - probiotics can be yogurt, and vitamin B complex is the human kind (it has thiamine in it which she needs if not eating).  Penicillin is an over the counter medicine at most feed/farm stores.  Use of a 22 gauge 1/2 to 3/4 inch needle works best for kid goats.  If her stomach is bloated and she is not pooping then she could be constipated and for that human mineral oil works best.  Let me know about the above questions.  You are more than welcome to also call me at 360-742-8310 or e-mail is fine too.  Let me know - thanks - Donna


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