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Hi Donna, how are you this morning? Re-buck goat that has had what looks like M.E.is still mostly down. He is in good spirits, eating well, drinking, peeing and pooping normal. Eyelids are nice and pink as well as his gums. He just cant walk on his own. His age i was wrong on before, he actually is 2 years, pygmy cross alpine. If the lady that has him lifts his hind end he walks along on his knees, however not bearing much weight on one of those legs. She had told me that the weak front leg has a slight clicking sound when moved or flexed. As far as she knows he has never had any kind of vaccine by the previous owner including tetnaus shot. What do you think?

Thanks for the update.  He could still have an infection that keeps him weak.  Would do another round of antibiotics - if you tried penicillin before would switch to oxytetracycline - was the previous antibiotic given intramuscularly? The clicking sound can just be from low joint fluid - happens in many goats and is not a symptom of CAE - but if the knee joints are swollen (front carpals) then that could be CAE, and another reason why he walks on his knees.  

I would start him on antibiotics, put him on some arnica montana (homeopathic remedy to help strengthen/repair muscles and ligaments) - an online item, might use some homeopathic neurologic remedies although his eating and drinking sounds like there are no neurologic issues.  Would like to know about knee size.  Let me know - thanks - Donna


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