Hi Donna , i have a saanen 10 year old Doe with Cae , although she never really developed a bad case of it , just hard udder at kidding time. She has had a bout of pneumonia and i treated with conventional antibiotics at first, then when that was not working i gave her 4cc of Resfler, i believe that is the name. Over night she was better and continued to improve. I have been keeping an eye on her for this past 7 days and she does have a cough from time to time bring up junk i'd say, as she will chew it up and swallow. I noticed her breating was a bit laboured this morning after coughing but seems to clear up after a bit. Was wondering if i should dose her one more time with the resfler to clean it up or let her immune system deal with it. She is pregnant. Thanks

Sorry, I have never heard of Resfler.  What antibiotics did you use?  If this is a bacterial pneumonia penicillin works best, if it is a fungal pneumonia then oxytetracycline works best.  If it is pneumonia then it should have improved symptoms within 2 to 3 days of antibiotics.  I usually start with penicillin and then if that is not working after 3 days switch to oxy - both must be given intramuscularly to help.  How far along in pregnancy is she? Penicillini will not hurt the kids but oxytetracycline in the last trimester of pregnancy can cause skeletal issues for the kids.  You could try some children's benadryl to help clear up her chest a bit.  I usually also give vitamin C, D, zinc to help the immune system work better.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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