Hi Donna, hope you had a great Christmas. If you remember i have been treating a 10 year old CAE. positive pregnant doe for bacterial pneumonia . I have had her on 7 cc Pen G. now for 11 days. A lot of the congestion is gone although a cough still remains, not near as bad. I listened to her lungs and the rattleing has stopped. My concern is that her breathing is very rapid and in my opinion laboured, not near as bad as before. I know when i had pneumonia, that it took 6-8 weeks before i could breath properly, so is this whats going on here and should i continue the antibiotics for a while longer? The Benadril seems to help with the cough.Thanks

I worked on Christmas Day, but that's okay family not around - we had celebrated early - so worked out well.  Hope yours was good.  Glad the doe is better.  Would either stick to the pen g or change to an LA200 to cover for possible fungal pneumonia, for another 5 to 7 days.  The heavy breathing can be due to damage and scarring in the lungs left over from the pneumonia.  Keeping her on Benadryl can also help with that too.  Hope that helps - Donna


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