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QUESTION: Is it safe to use 12.5% Dimethox on a pregnant doe?  She is a boer goat and about 11 weeks into her pregnancy. What is the dosage?  The instructions on the bottle only say to give 1 1/2 cc by mouth twice daily for one week when goats are 3  weeks old.  We are very new at goats... Lots to learn! Thanks

ANSWER: Why would you want to give the goat dimethox? Does she have green diarrhea/are you concerned about coccidiosis? Dosage for most sulfa liquids is 1.5 cc per 15 pounds body weight twice a day for 7 days.  Hope that helps.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Yes, I took in a fecal sample to our vet and said she had coccidiosis and hook worm.  she wasn't loaded down but should be treated.  She wanted to give her corid for the coccidiosis but I used it once before with bad results, weight loss, depression...
She told me to just buy Albon over the  counter but i later learned it's a prescription medication.  I purchased the dimethox but wanted to make sure it was safe to use on pregnant does.  I gave her safe guard 3 days in a row for the hook worm.  I will take in another fecal a week after we finish the dimethox.  We have a very hard time finding a large animal vet in this area and an even harder time finding one that knows anything about goats...they are never available!  We purchased this already pregnant doe a month ago and are working hard to get her in good health. We only purchased our first goat about  9 months ago. This will be our first kidding... Very nervous.. And excited!

The only time a goat should/needs to be treated for coccidia is if that animal has green diarrhea.  All goats have a small amount of coccidia in their systems all the time.  Generally the only goats who have a hard time with controlling the coccidia numbers are kid goats.  Re hookworm and other stomach worms, I use oral horse wormers - Safeguard and Zimectrin - switching back and forth once every two months - the dose is twice their weight and the dose is then found on the plunger portion, put the lock on and give orally.  Switching back and forth keeps the worms from becoming resistant.  These wormers are also safe for all production of goats including pregnant does.  Hope this helps.  Also, please feel free to call me at 360-742-8310 for any emergent questions you have if you'd like, or this e-mail works fine too.  


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