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I have 8 day old Nubian Buckling that was abandoned by his momma he was the runt of triplets. I took him in as a bottle baby and been feeding him cows milk with buttermilk and evaporated milk. He did fine for the 1st week and stays out with his siblings jumping and a playing for the day and then I bring him in at night. Yesterday evening i noticed he had runny yellow poo waterly like not mustard like normal. So i took if off milk and started him bounce back and homemade electrolyte solution that always seems to work for me. He has a rectal temp of 101.2 moving around fine still interested in food but by afternoon today his poop went from yellow to lime green to a few minutes ago dark runny green that it just drips out. He's only a week old am could it be Cocci this early or something else. The only thing ive done is normally I give 2 cc of pepto for bottle babies that seem a Lil runny and never have problems this Lil guy ive questioned myself which I never do. Can you give any pointers or tips of what I should do?

HI Brittaney,

8 days old I highly doubt it is cocci - most likely in this case it is e-coli and or feed scours- or a combination of both - I would treat him for e-coli myself.. I would also change his diet to just regular whole cow milk and nix the buttermilk and evap - this may be far to rich for his system -
Read my article on Kid Scouring:  it gives  the different reasons a bit of info on each and how to treat each of them..  very detailed.. the main thing here is to keep him hydrated. I would feed him electrolytes for a 24/36 hour period and then introduce mill back very slowly -
Mix up a quart of any good livestock electrolyte mix (I prefer Vi-Tal) But any good MILKLESS electrolyte powdered solution will work  (read the ingredients) , ( or in a pinch you can use gatorade, pediolyte or  sports drink) , add to each bottle 2 pumps of  goat nutri-drench (or equivalent) and a  tsp of molasses or corn syrup to each bottle for energy.

This will be a 4 day feeding process:

    Day 1- use this exclusively in all bottles
    Day 2 -give 1/2 this solution and half milk (regular  whole cows milk from the grocer)
    Day 3- give 2/3 milk and 1/3 this solution
    Day 4-give all whole milk

This allows the baby goat to adjust to the change gradually and reduces the chance of further gut upset.

I use Biosol ( ) for  this type of scouring - it's an oral liquid you use very little of it and can be found at most feed stores.  


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