QUESTION: Hi Donna how are you ? A couple things , i have a 10 month old Boer buck , i noticed 2 weeks ago panting , short fast breaths , i treated with LA-200 , but with working and kidding upon me wasn't very good at dosing at a routine . He ended up with 3 days worth seemed better so i left it . Now 3 days ago i noticed the same thing so i started on pen-G 5 cc twice a day and probio's also . Don't see a lot of improvement . There are no chest noises or cough's , a bit of a runny nose only a few days ago , on top of that he appears to be shutting down on food . ant his temp is 100.1 F , normal poops . He was with another fellow who had fungal pneumonia a while back , so i think this is what i may be dealing with . Any suggestion's . 2ND i was informed today a doe i purchased a while back has CAE . Her udder is very hard both sides , not hot as with mastitis , not a lot of milk , certainly not enough to sustain 2 kids , which she had 2 days ago . The kids i guess now are exposed to it , no sense taking them away from her , actually first kids she has ever had not taken away , as she came from a commercial dairy . Her Temp . is 103.3 F , i started her on LA-200 yesterday as she was a bit down and not real fussy about eating , by tonight that has changed and demeanor has improved . A friend told me they give one they have pen-g for a week plus vitamin's and her udder softens up and produces milk . Should i change my antibiotic in mid stream or keep up with the la-200 at 6cc twice a day ?

ANSWER: Okay, so the 10 month old sounds like it could be a fungal pneumonia for which penicillin will not do anything for it.  Oxytetracycline (LA200) usually takes care of that.  Most pneumonias don't come with a fever.  It still could be a bacterial pneumonia and for that the penicillin works fine.  For the LA200 a dose of 4.5 cc/100 pounds once a day should usually take care of any pneumonia including fungal.  So, I might go with the LA200 again and see how he is after three days of that and probiotics.  

Re the doe.  A hard udder certainly usually goes along with CAE and a hard udder from CAE does not generally soften up, or give milk, ever.  But with a temp of 103.3 that would indicate a mastitis or an intrauterine infection.  If it is just a mastitis then penicillin would be best along with use of epsom salt soaks or other soaks - I use cabbage leaves that have been softened by cooking just enough to go limp and then wrapping the udder in these - twice to three times a day usually helps.  You are right that if the doe is positive she probably has passed it to her kids already (in the colostrum).  The LA200 should also work on mastitis.

Hope that helps.  I totally understand about getting so busy with other goat things that some things can get passed up - bottle feeding just three kid goats (1 and 2 days old)still on a bottle every 2 to 3 hours - and working at job away from home - and still with other farm items to do some things just get done a lot later - hard to keep up.

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QUESTION: Hi , RE PNEUMONIA , the little fellow really is labouring to breath , i actually gave him a shot of my puffer to help relieve some of the congestion . I'm wondering if i shouldn't be giving him LA-200 twice a day for a couple days , just trying to be aggressive on this as he is shutting down on food . I bought some probiotic yogurt , and am going to give him a cup if i can that much into him , in hope's of keeping up his strength . Was wondering about electrolytes for the vitamins ? Thanks .

More LA200 can't hurt and indeed it could help.  You can give him Benadryl or you can also certainly use an asthma puffer.  Is he running a fever today?  You can also use vitamin D to help with immune system help.  If he is not drinking then electrolytes to hydrate him would help too.  Donna


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