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I had two dogs attack and kill a 6 mo billy and my almost a yr old billy is crashing hard. I've found one puncture wound with very little blood. He has trouble standing but his legs are not broken. He doesn't appear to have spinal injuries. I've only had goats for a short period and am unfamiliar with the anatomical abnormalities and problems that arise and how to treat as quickly and cost effective as possible. I'm not sure but I think he may be in shock and extremely stressed (which with rabbits either would be detrimental). I just don't know what to do for him. I brought him back up the the small pen by the house but I'm considering putting him in a large kennel and bringing him in the house. Will that be more stress? He's been spoiled his whole life and loves attention, but I don't want to put further stress on him by being in the house. Ok I'll shut up now. What do I do first? HELP we love this little guy.

Hi there - give me a call at 360-742-8310 and I can give you specifics - I'm on my way to work and have my bluetooth on - if I don't hear from you by the time I get to work I will e-mail you information.

In the house in a small kennel is a great idea to start with.  Donna

You're still welcome to call but I would do the following.

If possible get Arnica montana - this is a homeopathic remedy for muscle/injuries of trauma - five of the pellets dissolved as much as they will in a little hot water - give once and then again in 2 hours and again 2 hours later.  Also can give Pulsatilla - another homeopathic remedy for anxiety from stress - same dosing.

Can also give him karo syrup with some vitamin D (human kind - two 2000 IU capsules - just the oil not the capsules) and keep him hydrated with electrolytes - pedialyte type works great - may have to orally drench him if he will not drink it.  

Keeping him warm is important too - and secure feeling.  Would keep the puncture wound clean and would start him on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days.  Would also put him on probiotics - yogurt works well - one tablespoon twice a day - I mix in a little water or electrolytes so I can orally drench this.  

Hope this helps - keep me posted, and again feel free to call.  Donna


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