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The answers to your questions first.. no, no, Washington USA, ?, yes, both, CD/T booster ( she is pregnant ), pregnant for more than 4mo. , Female Nigerian Dwarf, and grass hay oats and water..

Anyway.. My goat Lilly, is pregnant by another Nigerian Dwarf who is abut 4 years younger. Anyway I know she is pregnant, I went to see her ultra sound, at least 1 kid. The estimated delivery was within a month..that was Jan. 27th. Now her udder is getting bigger and she s becoming less friendly..thats all. I just need kidding signs. Thank you :)

Matti B

HI MattiB,

Congratulations! Some does do get a bit unfriendly  when time is near..
Here are the signs of early labor:

Typical Signs of Early Labor (Not necessarily in order):

   Appears restless, shys away from herd
   Eyes glossy or luminous
   Paying much attention to her sides and smelling the ground
   Pawing at bedding or dirt
   Looking behind her and talking to her sides (typically in a voice you have never heard="mama talk")
   Talks to you alot as if she is telling you she is getting ready (she is, so listen)
   Gets dreamy eyed or star-gazy (euphoric)
   Looks less pregnant than she did before-sides have hollowed out, under-belly is full
   Lifts tail frequently and urinates frequently, usually not much urine at a time
   Lays down and gets up more than usual-figidty
   Udder begins to fill more-looks tight and shiny-teats get full
   Vulva becomes flabby then looks flat and opening looks longer
   White discharge (this may or may not happen) changing to an egg-white looking discharge, sometimes may have some blood streaking in it.

my full article on kidding is here:

ALSO make sure you have everything you need on hand  - (in the article)

Familiarize yourself with SwingBaby technique  (just in case),com_wrapper/Itemid,45/ with photos of it

ALSO take a look at fetal positions ( ) in case you need to go in and help her - this way you  can figure out what position baby may be in..

Good luck on your new babies and mom..  be prepared and figure  if the weather looks like rain and her due date is  within a few days she may drop kids  during a rain storm.. most do :)  


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