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A few days ago, maybe yesterday i asked a question about goat birthing signs. Now I need to know a few other things :) So one of those things is what will happen if the kids were born while I was away. This is the first time I have had an animal be pregnant. So I am a little worried.. another one of the questions is what to give the kids to eat other than mama milk. Also when they need to be weaned. For now that's all.. thank you

Matti B

HI Matti,

If this is a first time mom, I think I would make every effort to be there when she kids - there are issues to worry about, mal-positioned kids  that will not easily be born without help, new moms sometimes have kids and walk away not really knowing what to do leaving the babies to lay and die of birth chill or starvation (which can happen in a matter of a couple hours) are the most common.  It is not mom's fault she is just confused and many times needs someone to show her what to do - some times it's easy, sometimes it's a real pain, So if at ALL possible, be there -
As far as the kids eating the very best is for mom to feed them which may require help if this is a first time mom, she may be  touchy with  anything  on her teats and kick the babies off until she realizes  the suckling baby will relieve the fullness of the udder- I have had first time moms  fight me on this for 3 weeks before they "got it" that they were mom and this was baby and she needs to feed it.. this can be very time consuming as you need to hold baby to the udder every couple hours for the first few days and then  many times during the day and night - many times one person needs to hold mom still while the other  holds baby to the teat (this can be easy or a real rodeo)  - also make sure the teats are Cleared of the  protectional waxy plug - most times baby sucking will remove it but  sometime snot so  the rule of thumb is for the person in charge to  milk a few squirts from eat teat to make sure they are flowing and put baby right up to them.. within 30 minutes of birth. IF the kids need to be bottle fed, regular whole cows milk from the grocery store is best IF you do not have goats milk on hand from mom or another one of your goats - DP NOT USE  milk replacers sold at the feed stores Any of them...  IMHO they kill baby goats  - too many folks have lost baby kids using them , they do not digest properly, the kids starts to scour and dies.  The feed store will try to sell you this  and many vets will suggest it..  I am Saying DO NOT use them.
Kids need to  nurse for a minimum of 4 months..  typically 6 months  to 8 months if on mom..

I have articles for you to read  on these things:

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