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What are the symptoms of urinary calculi. I have a young male goat that is not acting right. He seems to be straining like something is internally not right. He is eating and drinking, but to a reduced amount. Recommended treatment?

HI Chris,
Symptoms are straining to pee,  dribbling , no urine flow, stretching the belly, kicking at the belly, possible blood in the urine and/or under belly big for it's normal size. Many folks see UC and  think the goat may be constipated-  Urinary Calculi is a very serious matter for goats - without  relieving the blockage,  the bladder will most likely burst and this is a fatal situation. Some folks at home try to snip off the urethral process (the little flag thing on the end of the extended penis) Not an easy task and not always  the answer - IF the stone  is near the tip  the opening here is very tiny and the stone may be blocking it. Snipping this off  can allow  the flow to  pass (Must be done with very sharp scissors that have been cleaned with alcohol, and DO expect bleeding) If this is successful the urine will shoot out as in the photo in the article- If the stone is higher, it requires the help of a vet.  I have a very good article for you to read that explains it and has photos -


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