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Hi Donna , how are you . Everything here is going very well health wise for the goats . Kidding has begun with 4 born to two moms , 4 boys . I noticed on the rest of my girls that their weight appears to be down a bit . They are in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy , and it has been terrible cold here again . I have good grain , feeding 16% protein , and of course all the other goodies . For 100 lb goat , pregnant with twins how much grain should she have a day ? I don't want to increase to fast to avoid ketosis . Right now they are getting 2-3 cups grain a day , and all the hay they can eat plus tree's here and there . Thanks .

Had some snow here but goats liked it - crazy goats!  Okay so for a pregnant doe they should get 5 to 6% of their body weight in feed a day and of that 2/3 in hay and 1/3 in grain.  The only item is that for pregnant does in their last 4 weeks of pregnancy you want to keep the protein around 12% so that the kids don't get too big - with that said it is the fat content that you want to keep high for the does - I use cooking oil and bread along with a 12 to 14% protein grain to help with their own needs.  Ketosis happens when they don't have enough sugar in their diets - especially with twins or more on board - I use molasses water given every day starting at 2 weeks before kidding to keep ketosis away.  What happens when the grain is increased too quickly is a digestive upset.  Hope that helps - Donna


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