QUESTION: Hi Donna , the young guy is still hanging on , if he hadn't of been in good shape i think he would have passed last night . His breathing is still very shallow and rapid . I am now giving him 2 injection's of LA-200 4 CC TWICE A DAY . He's not eating , only what i force in him , a cup of yogurt , and a cup of electrolytes . Actually did see him pee and poop this morning , and he still can stand on his own . The cup of yogurt is it enough to sustain him . If he can get through another day or so the antibiotics should kick in . Today is the first day i've heard him cough too , a sign it may be breaking up . The puffer works to , as i see a difference in his breathing after i give it  . I also checked his gums and eyelids to be sure no parasites and they are nice and pink .

ANSWER: Thanks for update.

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , just wanted to find out one more thing . When he lays down , he cries out a bit , and will only stay down a brief time . Is this fluid building in around his heart from the pneumonia ? And once this starts is there any hope for him ? A couple hard one's to answer i'm sure , and so you know i've expected the worst for a number of days now . It's odd though , he still expresses an interest in hay and feed but can't eat , i presume because of the laboured breathing . Thanks .

ANSWER: The crying when he lays down could come from pneumonia issues - is he still peeing and pooping? If he acts like he is hungry but can't eat that usually indicates a bronchitis and not a pneumonia for which penicillin works better than the LA200.  Still no fever? You're doing as much as you can - if you can give him some nutrient mush, oatmeal with molasses that you thin with water so you can orally drench him with it that could help.  You can certainly increase the antibiotic to twice its amount or you could change to the penicillin and double that dose.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , he is still peeing and pooping , and his temp is really low 99.7 , that's to low right ? I gave him an aspirin and a muscle relaxer that i take for a condition i have . I know that i risky but can't watch him in pain . I stayed with him and padded his chest and clear fluid came up , and he lay down , no pain , at least he wasn't crying . He seems to have a bit of gas as while i was there his stomach was growling and then he would burp . His rapid breathing appears to be slowing down , and he is taking some larger breaths now . He is either on the mend, or he is so tired he's giving up . So the temp , what is causing it to be so low ?

Thanks for the info.  Normal temp is 100 to 102.5.  The low temp usually indicates the body systems are working hard and the fact that he is not eating also keeps his temp low.  Getting some food into him should help.  The gas could be coming from him getting probiotics but not having any food in the rumen to work on - the good bacteria has nothing to eat.  Hoping he is on the mend.  


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