QUESTION: Hi Donna , the little guy i was treating for , what i thought was pneumonia , died this morning . After he passed i opened him up to have a look , at his internal organs . He didn't have pneumonia , lungs and heart were nice and pink no abrasions or hardness of any kind . So on a tip from a friend i checked his stomach's , and he had a full belly of undigested hay , in the big belly , beyond that he had nothing . Everything was empty . He hadn't eaten a thing for 4 days , so he had a blockage of some kind stopping the food from getting to the rumen . There was no bloat only some burps after i drenched him with stuff , but when i did he appeared to be in distress , and that panting , apparently was because of pain . He was panting for 10 days or so , so whatever happened took place around then . There was nothing anyone could have done for him , what a learning curve . Does explain the lack od cough and congestion , no lung noises . What do you think could have caused this ? Thanks .

ANSWER: Sorry to hear.  But didn't you tell me he was peeing and pooping, and a normal amount? If I had known he was not pooping then would have suspected constipation/obstipation.  If he had a pneumonia earlier on then he could have been constipated from the antibiotics.  Sorry. Donna

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QUESTION: Yes he was peeing and pooping , but less and less in this past 4 days , that's what threw me off was that . The obstruction wasn't all at once seemed progressive . It was one other he was with who had the Fungal Pneumonia , so i suspected after seeing him shivering and panting about 10 days ago that he had picked that up, and he always ate right up to the last 4 days .Maybe it was the antibiotics that blocked him up i hope not because that's a new one on me and means the treatment for a cold is what killed him . I never started antibiotics till 6 days ago , so not your fault or mine , that was a hard one to call . But i have learned something new from it . My friend had a 3 week old kid that developed a twisted stomach , the autopsy revealed there was nothing could have been done . Thanks .

No one's fault, indeed.  Antibiotics would not have obstipated or constipated him.  Could have been plain constipation and since his immune system was down he caught pneumonia.  Whenever a goat has less than normal poop amount I treat with mineral oil assuming it is constipation.  Just had a 2 day old who stopped taking her bottle and was pooping little teeny weeny pellets - so gave her mineral oil and by the next morning she was pooping huge poops.

Re the three week old kid - the rumen rarely gets twisted as there is no rumen at that point in time, but the intestines can easily become twisted from over eating.  

Again, so sorry for the loss - it is hard to lose these when you work so hard and try to think of everything.  I'm still learning and, yes, I still kick myself sometimes thinking "why didn't I think of that".  

How's the momma doing who has the hard udder?  Hope that is doing better - Donna


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