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QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,
Lila here i don't know if this is good news or not but u know i was telling u about my sister Lorene & hubby James have 2 goats female & male & she called me yesterday to say that the female goat may be PREGNANT! For me its a nightmare b/c remember me telling u after Migi passed i didn't want any more goats & i still hold truth to that & Yes it still holds truth. But the reason being is that these 2 have no idea on raising goats & to have iggy being PREGNANT is SCARY b/c i've never had to deal with PREGNANCY nor do i have any clues on what to do. The male goat ziggy is a pygmy but i don't know the breed of iggy the female. As for iggys diet the only thing i know is that they are giving them grass hay along with other greens. Even though there not my goats u can see it HURTS me alot b/c of the struggles i went through with Migi u of all people should know that. So if i can ask a favor from u & if my sister needs to get ahold of u can she contact u through via email or phone number? If thats okay with u i will give them this site & your phone number in case they need u to guide them through iggys pregnancy.. According to my sister she noticed iggys teats being big & her tummy getting big. When my brother-in-law got her she was very skinny & on the small side not a big goat so when she noticed her teats were big & she was getting bigger thats when she's assuming that she might be pregnant. Please let me know if my sister/brother-in-law can contact u should they need to regarding iggy pregnancy. Thanks alot Donna & should u need anything on this end please let me know do not hesitate to contact me.. Luv u xoxoxxo

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Hi there - I totally understand your feelings.  Yes, please let them know they can get a hold of me anytime.  Also, I would advise them to have that buck castrated now.  They will have to put him in a different pen than the doe as a buck can easily kill the kid goats so that he can re breed the doe.  So many things come into play here - sorry to hear they are a bit neglectful as comes to their responsibility with goats.  But, again, please let them know they can e-mail me when needed.  Love to you and Migi.  

PS  They are lucky to have such a loving and concerned person as you on their side.

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QUESTION: Hey There,
Thank u so much okay Donna i will let them know, However Donna i don't know if ziggy the male buck can be castrated b/c he's like 3 or 4 yrs old & i don't know if thats too old his scrotum (balls) is huge & its hanging i mean i don't know how to explain it but yeah his balls are big! lol can he still be castrated?? Before they got him he was not that aggressive but over the period of time he's become quite aggressive.. b/c when i go over there to play & feed him he bangs the pen fence quite hard with his horns even though he's a pygmy & on the small side. Before he was not aggressive. So i was just wondering if he can still be castrated. Thanks a bunch!

Me & Migi

Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately a veterinarian will have to do the castration, but it is fairly easy and quick to do.  But a buck can become extremely aggressive and hurt people as well as any other goats around.  Would not want to see the kid goats killed.  Perhaps you could offer my opinion to your sister that they should get rid of the buck now - he will just become more and more aggressive.  


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