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Goats/3 month old glazed eyed head bobbing


Im going to have the Vet come out. He wasn't too hot on the idea of the Dex to reduce swelling. I will keep up the shots of pen and B-comp. Hope I get this figured out and I Thank You for your time and thoughts. Im hard headed so that might help getting this cured. I thought it was polio, but if it were it should be taken care of by 4 days, I would have thought.

Hi Rick,
Yeah the vets aren't too hot on using it  much .. it IS a corticosteroid, but in some cases.. it is the best  thing.. I'm thinking had it been polio it would be over by now as well.. doesn't really sound like listeriosis now but  the choices are being limited with the symptoms,, which is why I am thinking possibly neck injury - maybe  a knock  on the head causing a swelling in the brain.. ??  Best to have the vet actually look at her.. I mean other than running tests  they  also  use the principle of deduction to figure things out. but he will be actually able to see and examine her..  I'd be interested in knowing what he sees upon examination. Please keep me posted - the only other thing I can think of would be meningeal worm but she's pretty young for that I would think. It takes some time for the worms to break the blood brain barrier to  produce these type symptoms. Hang in there. Let me know what the vet says please.  


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