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Goats/baby goat breating funny


I have a little goat that was near still born.. he has been doing fine. I gave him a bottle of electrolytes and he started sneezing and now he is breathing hard.. is it possible the liquid went down the wrong way. I feed him with the bottle straight up n down

Sorry for the delay in answering.  He most likely has a pneumonia.  Would start him on 1/2 cc of penicillin injectable (intramuscular in the rear thigh area/muscle) using a 22 gauge 3/4 inch length needle (penicillin and needles should be over the counter available at most feed/farm stores) - once the needle is in the little muscle area you should draw back on the plunger ever so slightly and if you see red color come into the barrel pull out - this means you are in a vein and some goats are allergic to antibiotics in veins.  Penicillin is given twice a day.  Best to feed a bottle as they get it from their mom, at an angle - straight up can also cause inhalation pneumonia.  Most likely though if he had a hard delivery then he got the pneumonia from that.  Keeping him warm is a good idea too/in the house.  If you have a chance you might also take his temperature - digital human thermometer works well - put a little vaseline on the metal tip and place that part into the little one's anus - anything over 102.5 would also indicate a fever and for that you can give 1/2 of an 81 mg low dose aspirin crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and give this as an oral drench - once every 4 hours with usually two or three doses only needed to break his fever.  Hope that helps.  Also, please feel free to call me at 360-742-8310 if you need anything emergently.  But I will look for other allexpert e-mails too.  Donna


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