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Are new goat owners and have 2 babies about 8-9 wks old. We lost a kid about 9 days after she arrived , she became ill and although we were in communication w vet, she died. I'm so scared about new it safe to give him di methox 12.5 ? Should I and how much? He's been wormer and had cdt shot. He seems so miserable.. His first day away from mom

ANSWER: What were the symptoms with the first kid? Any diarrhea?  Any new symptoms with the remaining kid? Let me know - you can also call me at 360-742-8310 so we can discuss more or e-mail is fine too - Donna

Re Dimethox - that is a particular antibiotic for a particular illness, not just any.  

Wanted to add more if we did not talk. If there was diarrhea or is diarrhea, the color will give us what the illness is.  Re CDT vaccinations, kid goats should have this at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, at 1 cc intramuscular and then starting at 1 year of age 2 cc yearly.  The kids also need boosters of 1 cc whenever stress occurs, when travel occurs, change in feed, weather, etc.  Vets do not know many times what is wrong with kid goats as it is difficult to know without a great amount of experience.  The doeling could also have had a pneumonia, shipping fever is the name. And penicillin injectable could have helped.  Was the doeling eating well?  Still on a bottle at that time? Is the remaining kid goat running a fever? (Anything over 102.5 is a fever and indicates an infection).  Again, if diarrhea then the color could help us.  Dimethox is used for coccidiosis (green diarrhea).  Donna

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QUESTION: Thank u Donna
Symptoms of kid that passed were ; she became weak And stumbled when walking (once or twice) and couldn't climb stairs any longer. Her eyes were white and very glazed over . She was still eating drinking and grazing, peeing and pooping. Her posture looked "hunched" as if she were in pain. Remaining kid has none of these. We were advised to start di methox 12.5 % to treat/ prevent coccidiosis . 5cc first day and 2.5
Cc for four days after that. She was on second day if di methox.. Second kid is on day 5 today. We brought a buckling home from same farm as they felt awful and gave him to us. Their goats were never treated with di methox, so vet said start right away. We have them sleeping in an extra bedroom for the night as they wouldn't stop crying outside. I'm afraid the newsboy isn't drinking/ eating and will become dehydrated. Should I try to bottle feed? Using whole milk or goat replacement? My email is . I've written your phone number down .. I thank u very much it has been so hard to find help and Many answers are different.

Thanks for the update.  If there was no diarrhea then it was not coccidiosis.   Sounds like the kid that passed had a fever and a pneumonia/shipping fever which would have needed penicillin to take care of (this is an over the counter injectable).  Just the travel and change in farm can cause shipping fever.  Usually I pre treat my kid goats being purchased by folks with oral duramycin or sulfa (dimethox is fine too).  So yes would go ahead and treat the remaining two with that - if this is the liquid the dosage is 1.5 cc (oral) per 15 pounds of body weight twice a day for 5 days.  If either are not drinking would either put on bottle with goat or multi species milk replacer (with powdered colostrum added) until they are eating again.  Would also advise orally drenching with human electrolytes (pedialyte works very well).  Would be sure to give the new little guy a CDT booster of 1 cc and would also treat the other remaining little one with a booster of CDT 1 cc.  

As an aside, if any diarrhea occurs, and this is a precursor usually to illnesses in kid goats, the following color will tell you what it is.  Yellow is enterotoxemia (caused by Clostridium bacteria - even if the kid has received a CDT toxoid their immune systems are not strong enough to keep it active so that is why they need more vaccinations and boosters).  White is caused by E. coli.  Green is caused by coccidiosis (which can also be brought on with stress to a new area as all goats have coccidia in their system it just grows to an illness with stress).  Brown is either caused by bacterial injfection in the digestive tract or it is just a digestive upset from change in food.  

Hope this helps - yes, please do feel free to call anytime.


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