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Goats/Baby Goat Disbudding Problems


Hi, I'm Matti :) My 3 year old doe recently had 3 kids. 2 bucklings and 1 doeling..anyways I took them to the vet to be disbudded, there is really no problem with the disbudding part, rather the after reaction. She is about 3 weeks old.. no bleeding when she was disbudded except for maybe a little bit you can see when she was clipped with the clamps. So about 4 hours later I noticed so had swelling in her eye lid. Is this normal? Thank you :)

It is not normal. It means that she was burned too long and developed some swelling. I have had this happen once in the distant past. Do you have any banamine? Or a baby aspirin? It is anti inflammatory. Hopefully the swelling will go down on its own fairly soon.


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