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Goats/Baby goat just splays legs out


I bought a bottle baby boer goat....first night...second mistake.  The baby looks healthy, is quite large, but when it stands the legs won't hold her up and they eventually all splay out to the side.  I have read so many articles my head is screaming.  Do you have any advice?  Thanks!

How old is this goat? My initial thought is white muscle disease. The treatment is vitamin E and selenium, or BoSe, which is a vet prescription. If it is not too late and no heart muscle damage was caused, one treatment can cure it. If you have a vet, call and ask for a dose. Here is a good article:

Other advice is to get your money back before you invest too much in this animal. The cause was inadequate feeding of the mother, so other nutritional problems may be lurking.

Good luck!


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