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Can CAE be spread from a CAE pos. doe to a buck through breeding? Had my goats tested for CAE and found out 4 out of 6 were pos. for CAE. Don't know whether I need to encourage the owner of the buck that was used to get him tested for CAE now.

Also, I am going to bottle feed the babies w/ kid colostrum supplement by Manna Pro and then milk replacer later. What are my chances that the kids won't have gotten the CAE from the moms though the placenta?

Heartbreaking.. but my original 2 does born on this farm are neg. and they are 4th generation experimental Boer/Nubian cross. Have separated them from the others since I got the report.

Thanks for your time and advice

Hi there - if the buck had an open sore or injury on his penis and the doe had an open sore or wound in her cervix it is possible, most likely not probable, that the buck could contract CAE.  It has not been proven that kids can get CAE from the placental tissues.  It is mainly the colostrum that carries the CAE virus.  It has not been proven yet in all I have read that CAE is passed on easily through water and feed containers.  The main reason people are told to separate the negative from positive is that it is possible, although mostly unlikely.  When you tested for the CAE virus had the does received vaccinations such as CDT recently? Some times vaccinations create false positive CAE test results if the blood is drawn within 6 to 8 weeks of receiving a vaccination - causes the immune system to react.  Hope that helps.  Donna


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