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Hi Donna , the girl with the hard udder , who is CAE positive is doing well , but i wonder will her udder soften up any ? She is producing some milk for her kids , barely enough , and i supplement them with extra milk i have on hand . I keep her segregated from the flock for now as the other young one's i do not want to catch this . Anything i can do to help speed up the process . She is around 7-8 years old . Also, i have a repeat mastitic Doe who has early symptoms of mastitis according to the California test . Just wondering rather to use pen-G , or LA-200 ?

Sorry for the delay.  As to the doe with mastitis I usually advise penicillin first - 7 day dosing twice a day.

Re the CAE positive doe - doubt her udder will ever soften up - I advise drying up and bottle raising the kids - re "catching" CAE - all the research I have read and seen shows there is no "cross" contamination for CAE - that is just because a CAE positive goat drinks from a container and others drink from same container they won't get CAE.  This is a disease where it is transmitted fluid to fluid.  Hope this helps - Donna


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