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I bought two kid goats to find out they have cocci. They are almost two weeks old. So I got medicine from the vet which I started them on yesterday and I was wondering if they always recover from cocci once given medicine or is fatality still a possibility?

HI Lauren,
Wow that is very young to already have cocci  :(
Once they  recover from the anemia they should be fine BUT that being said.. cocci damages the intestinal wall and the gut lining - absorption from nutrients will probably always be difficult - they may end up smaller than they should be or always on the thin side.. not to say they cannot  lead a very normal long life, just that they may not be as full bodied  as the rest.  If little to no damage has been done so far,  they should be normal.  Oh and if these are bottle babies do not feed them  milk replacer  - feed them either goat milk or whole milk from the grocery store to avoid any further digestive issues - bottle feeding -

I have an article with photos on cocci here:


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