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QUESTION: I have a 12 week Sanaan Billie that is intact. I went out this morning to feed the animals and he could not get his hind legs to work. I gave him selenium and vit E. If I pick him up he will walk a bit then his hind legs give out or he becomes tired. He is otherwise alert and active. I have been raising goats for many years now and never had this. He was given milk replacer and had not nursed. (Maybe nursed the first few hours before I got to him.)
I think it to be White Muscle Disease, I hope it is not CAE
What is your feeling on this?
Thank you

ANSWER: I don't think CAE virus would show up this soon. The first thought I had was meningeal worm. Google that and read up on it. Are there any deer that get to the area that goats are in? This is how it is spread and weak hind legs are the first symptom. White muscle disease shows up right after birth, rather than this far along.

The other likely possibility would be an injury to his back. Are you aware of any goats that are aggressive to him, or could he have gotten caught in something?

Let me know if this sounds unlikely or impossible and I will do some more research.

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QUESTION: Thank you.
There are 10 12 week boys in a 12X12 foot pen, so there are no deer involved.
I do have a platform that they can play on, it is 18' off the floor with a ramp that goes to it. They are not allowed outside until the temp get above 0 F.
They could have been playing "King-on-the Hill" and he was pushed off.
As far as worms. I don't know I feed grain in a trough type feeder and while they are eating I feed the other animals, then I remove the trough so as to keep t clean. The roughage is fed in an upright style feeder within a wire panel to keep them out. They can only reach with their heads to food. I have raised the water to chin level to keep droppings out but now and then there are some, at which time I completely empty it and bleach it out.
They have  mineral salt ad-lib.

Another off subject;
I had a neighbor call and two 2 week old have lost their hoofs. They are walking on their pads. The hooves slid right off intact, no pieces. I never heard of this either but maybe they froze. However, I find they mostly sleep with their feet under them, so I don't know how this would have happened. Those are I  an old dairy barn and it has bee - 30 degrees actual temp ( not wind chill) so maybe the cement was bare where they slept.
Thank you

My guess would be that he somehow got injured then. In the absence of other symptoms, this is most likely a spinal injury or, hopefully rear legs, which will somehow improve. I would give some banamine, or if you don't have that then aspirin or ibuprofen. (Dosage for aspirin is 50-100 mg every 12 hours; ibuprofen for adult goats is the human dosage twice a day. Either should be given with food.) If it worsens or fails to improve, I would contact a vet.

If no deer are around, he is very unlikely to have meningeal worm

I have never heard of goats losing their hooves. Freezing or trauma would be the most likely possibility. Very strange. I am afraid I cannot advise on this.

Good luck on the buckling Let me know if he develops other symptoms.


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