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Goats/do goats fight till the death?


howdy and thanks in advance.
my question: do goats fight till the death?
(mom says they are 'bore goats cross'??)
we have a herd of 19 females. 'abby' the oldest is now being bothered/ fought with/ attached/ 'horned' so very much. we've heard her cry in pain and have luckily her hips and legs have not gone out of socket.

do they fight until the death?

thanks for your help and answer.
God bless,

HI Jenn,
I don't know that you could say "they fight to the death" such as other animals who will have battles until one dies during that battle. What Can happen is she could get injured enough  that it could cause her to die. Unfortunately.. when goats get older and are slower, shyer, maybe had been ill for a time and got better  - some how the other goats know it and will beat up on them.. esp during feeding.. sometimes one will run across a yard to side blast them for no reason..
I don't know why they do this but it does not help the older goat's confidence and they get even more head shy..  less aggressive to stand up for them selves..  I  currently have about a dozen older/shyer goats who sleep in the hay pen so they can eat without being bothered by the younger aggressive goats and even THEY have a pecking order..  You would think it would be the oldest who had the top spot  like an "elder" with the respect of the others.. but no.. it doesn't work that way.. sadly. If she has a sibling , grown kid or young kid a buddy  someone who is nice to her.. maybe you could make a special place for her to eat - sleep - play .. maybe a whole yard just to keep them in.. ??  In the mornings I let the hay pen goats  out and they spend the better part of the day in another yard to them selves..  little to do with the other goats..  just because.. they are 13yrs old and up.. and IMHO they should not have to fight to eat, drink and play.. :)  


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