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Goats/Kid urinating what looks like orange juice pulp


QUESTION: I have a baby goat she is abt 5 weeks old her mother just stopped feeding her so I brought her in to bottle feed her between last night (9:00pm) and this morning (7:00am) she had drank 4 ozs of Land O Lake Doe's Match milk replacer since 7:00am I have tried every hour to get her to at least get her throat wet I have to open her mouth and make sure her tongue is straight for her to suck she has drank maybe 2-3 ozs  BUT the problem is that every time she Pees she cries and there is some urine and then clump of what looks like orange juice pulp. I know its NOT bowel movement cause I have watched and made sure.. Is there anything I can do?
She is up and down she will get up play about 5 minutes then lay down , No medicines giving ,Bowel movements are 1/2 firm and 1/2 squishy,  TX,USA

ANSWER: HI Catherine,
Take her off the replacer right away -
here is my article on bottle feeding
The best way to change from replacer to milk is:

Mix up a quart of any good livestock electrolyte mix (I prefer Vi-Tal) But any good MILKLESS electrolyte powdered solution will work  (read the ingredients) , ( or in a pinch you can use gatorade, pediolyte or  sports drink) , add to each bottle 2 pumps of  goat nutri-drench (or equivalent) and a  tsp of molasses or corn syrup to each bottle for energy.

This will be a 4 day feeding process:

    Day 1- use this exclusively in all bottles
    Day 2 -give 1/2 this solution and half milk (regular  whole cows milk from the grocer)
    Day 3- give 2/3 milk and 1/3 this solution
    Day 4-give all whole milk

This allows the baby goat to adjust to the change gradually and reduces the chance of further gut upset.

ALSO do you have any CD ANTI toxin? NOT CDT Toxoid but the anti toxin..
This is what you want:
Call your feed stores..  they may have it.. make sure they  look for the antitoxin, CD anti toxin, not tetanus antitoxin
In addition,  you could also give her a tiny bit of pepto, to coat the gut, not enough to stop her up, she needs to get that nasty stuff out of her system.
Was she  sick before mom stopped feeding her?  Maybe this is what she stopped? or??
Also you may want to  have the vet do a urinalysis if she has a UTI he may need to put her on meds.

Main thing is  get rid of that replacer.. :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have other babies on the same milk no problems I am thinking she got sick and the mom just walked away I gave her some cranberry juice and a warm sitz bath and the gunk slowed down and she pepped up and drank 2 oz of milk BUT I have mixed up some electrolyte and karo also gave her 1ml(1/5 of a teaspoon) of pepto hope that wasnt to much she is a tiny(mini)baby 6 inches tall and maybe 1 1/2-2 lbs and she drank 1 oz of the solution I dont have any of the CD anti toxin but I will call around tomorrow and find some

HI Catherine,
The CD antitoxin is a good thing to have on hand..

I will say I am a firm believer in  not using milk replacers - if  you ever have issues with gut related illness in your  bottle babies, please keep in mind to  change them over to milk  using the guidance I have outlined..  it won't hurt and  just  might save a life in the future..  just something to keep in mind.. :)
If her urine doesn't clear up I do thin a vet call is warranted..

I hope she continues to do well. Those teeny ones are to die for cute.  


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