QUESTION: Hi Donna , i have a kid , buck , goat about 2 weeks old . He has a sister also . These two were born by the Doe that has CAE . Both kids developed milk poops a few days ago and i treated with Bio-Sponge , and took mom out at night to limit the amount of milk each received . The buck still has the poops , not watery but very soft light yellow . He is shivering a bit , temp is low at 95.9 . He is drinking milk , i gave him electrolytes , and again the bio-sponge . My question , should i start him on antibiotics ? One other thing i gave him which has antibiotic in it and used to treat milk scours in calfs is Scour Medicine . The low temp is what i don't like , he is in the house where it is warm . The amount of colostrum he received at birth is questionable . Thanks .

ANSWER: Did the doe receive her CDT before kidding?  Yellow soft poop/diarrhea usually indicates enterotoxemia.  The biosponge is great but would also add milk of magnesia to it to cleanse his system out of the Clostridium bacteria.  Would also start on CDT toxoid at 1 cc now and again in 4 hours and then again in 4 hours - the toxoid sometimes is enough to stimulate antibodies to the Clostridium.  Would also start on oral antibiotics - sulfa or tetracycline - 1/8 teaspoon of the powder twice a day - I usually mix in with the biosponge and milk of magnesia.  Low temp comes with enterotoxemia.  Hope that helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , i don,t have CDT , I have tasvax 8 , and for antibiotics i have Noramycin , Pen-G , and LA-200 . As for the doe , i didn't even know she was Cae till after she kidded . CDT is a vaccine right ? I just now checked his temp, and it is up to 100.2 , and his poop is starting to harden up . The scour med i give him has antibiotic in it , so it must be working , but can only give once a day for 3 days tops . Will any of what i've told you about , the antibiotics , be of use .

Thanks for the update.  Might give him at least one dose of the tasvax as it has Clostridium toxoid in it and could help.  Glad the temp is up and poop is hardening up.  Since the scour med has oral antibiotics in it and he seems on the mend that should take care of it and would go the full 3 days. Hope that helps.  


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