Hi Donna , i have a repeat offender , for mastitis , although i'm not getting a positive reading from the cmt test , i am seeing blood in the milk on one side . She does have a couple very lively kids , bucks so may just be a broken blood vessel . I decided to give LA-200 anyways case this is early stage mastitis . She weighs about 120 lb and i'm giving 5 cc once a day . Are the once a day shots enough , as penicillin i give twice a day . She is a bit jumpy when i touch that side , but can't say it is really hard or hot , she always had a harder than  normal udder . The LA -200 is also for mastitis right ? Wanted to try something different as she has had a lot of penicillin in her life . Thanks .

HI there - certainly could be from over aggressive kids breaking small blood vessels.  But adding the LA200 should take care of the possibility of mastitis and, yes, it usually works well for it.  Dosing is 4.5 cc/100 pounds body weight once a day for 5 to 7 days.  So 5 cc sounds good for her.  Do hope it helps - Donna


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