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QUESTION: I just read your letter . I have a Male wether was castrated he is
8 months now , and he is just like a Buck ,peeing all over his face
mounting behavior . He also was dehorn but they are growing  
The lady I got him from she said to shoot him . I can't do that .   could I also give him some Vitamins or his he to old now ? . I have be talking with a Vet about sugary as you know $400 to start . and also said about blood test on Hormone $200 .
I also have two dos he after . Hope there is a way to help him with out putting him through surgary.
Thank you
Regards Sheila

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay in answering.  Late castration leaves a lot of hormones in his system and he will show bucky behavior.  It is possible this will subside over a year's time.  What type of castration - burdizzo or banding or cutting? Re surgery are you talking about horns or more castration surgery? If it is more castration surgery that will most likely not help.  If his scurs are still growing you can trim these back with either a horse hoof nipper or a survival wire saw trying not to cut into the veins that are probably still in his scurs - depends on the size of the scurs.  It is possible that a homeopathic remedy called Pulsatilla could straighten out his hormones if the hormones are low.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thank You so much on the information
He castration was banding , and his horns I'll just cut when needed .
I did talk with a Vet but it would be very costly and he could die
I would really like to try the homeopathic remedy .
He has a great personality loves to play , I need to help him .

Thank You
Regards Sheila

Thanks for the info.  If the banding was not done correctly, it is possible he still has some testicular tissue that is creating more hormones.  

Re the homeopathic remedy, it is Pulsatilla, these are tiny pellets - you can purchase online or if you have a supplement store near you that carries homeopathic remedies they should have it.  Would use the 6C Pulsatilla.  Use 5 of the pills dissolved in a little hot water, cool and give orally (there may be a little sugar pellets left in the solution), do this once and then again in 2 hours.  You can repeat every day - if this is going to work would hope you would see some lessening of aggressiveness in about 5 days.  Might think about treating him with the Pulsatilla during the times you see your does are in heat or due to come into a heat.  If possible would just keep him in his own pen.  Hope this helps - Donna


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