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my friend had twin dwarf goats about 6 weeks old. the little female is full of energy. The little male is very quiet. He doesn't seem to have good balance. when he gets bumped into he falls over and lays on his side. He is growing normally seems healthy and happy. just very clumsy

Hi Marianne,
I think your friend may be equating clumsy with weakness - I will bet the little guy is not getting his share of the milk from mom - that his sister is beating him to the punch and getting it all or most of it.. esp if he is smaller..
I would tell her to watch him eat.. is he eating as many times and getting his belly full when he does eat? is mom kicking him off or the sister butting him out of the way?  
ALso I would give him daily nutri-drench - it comes in a pump bottle and you use 2 pumps in the mouth.. a couple times a day.. she may have to supplement bottle s in between feedings.. also I would ask the vet for a BO-Se injection for this little guy for possible WMD - it is vet RX so not available to folks to buy.. but if you are in a selenium deficient area.. very well could be white muscle disease (WMD)- it only takes about 1/10cc injected SQ  to the little guy
ALSO Important.. check him for lice.. lice can make them weak and eventually kill them..
look on the belly for straw colored bugs  on him.. or wear a dark shirt and hold him for 10-15 minutes.. then look at the shirt.. are there tiny bugs on it? Use topical Ivomec POUR ON http://goat-link.com/content/view/180/168/ for lice. Have them been dewormed? What is the poop like?  They are at the age  they can get heavy wormload and coccidiosis  and either can kill them..

What tells me weakness is the inability to get up after falling down or the falling down when  getting bumped.. , he should not fall over that easy.. and if he does  he should be able to get himself up easily.. if not he is weak.. it looks like bad balance.. let me know how he does after she  checks him for these things..  I'd take a fecal  sample to the vet to check for cocci and wormload  it is the only way to know for sure.. and get the BO-Se shot..  


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