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QUESTION: I have a 2 year old Nubian doe that is pregnant for the first time  she was with a buck sept 28 thru oct 1,2014.  She is now 162 days pregnant with no signs of labor she did form a small udder about 1 month ago but it hasn't changed.  How long can she go without any intervention or could she not be pregnant( even though she has an udder )  any reassurance would help

ANSWER: Are her pelvic ligaments gone? Is she up to date on selenium supplementation? Have her sides dropped?  You should be able to feel a kid on the lower right side of the abdomen.  If you are sure of the dates and her pelvic ligaments are gone I would not wait more than 165 days before either having a veterinarian give you pitocin or oxytocin or dexamethasone injectable to kick the hormones in for labor or you can use black cohosh or Pulsatilla (over the counter herbal and homeopathic remedies) that can also help with labor starting.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Her tail area seems a little bit softer but ligaments are still there.  She had a Bo-see injection 6 weeks ago.  She refuses to let me touch her,so I cant get a good feel for kids, sometimes I think the kids are moving around on the right side but I dont know if that is just the rumen.  Im positive of her dates because we took her to the buck and left her there for the days previously mentioned. she had a hormone injection while at the bucks place to make sure she went into heat.  This is my first time and hers , so Im quite anxious about her being so late, I would like to try the homeopathic method to induce her if she doesnt deliver by 165 days.  Will this cause any harm to her or the kid, and how much do you give her. is it a one time dose.Do you think she may not be pregnant? the only sign I truly have is that she developed a small udder. The people who own the buck say there is no way she isnt pregnant.  Thanks for the help, Kelly

ANSWER: Thanks for the info.  If there has not been much sun for your winter weather then the Bo-Se might not be working - it needs vitamin D to help all work.  I use oral selenium,E, and D instead of injectable.  Rumen is on the left side, so if you are seeing movement on the right side then that should be from kids.  Sometimes first time kidders have more difficulty with hormone strength to get labor started.  Would not wait past 165 days as the last 4 weeks of pregnancy the kid goats grow the most and we don't want her to have issues with trying to kid a big baby.  Is she larger than she was when she was first with the buck?  It could always be possible that she miscarried but hormones still make her act pregnant.  as to the black cohosh or the Pulsatilla neither will harm the kids.   Black cohosh dose - follow the dosing on the label for humans.  As to the pulsatilla, you would use five of the pellets dissolved in a little hot water, cool, and give all (including any part of the pellet left) orally, then re dose in 2 hours.  Usually by the second dosing that will kick in hormones.  

If you could get close enough to her I might advise washing up and putting in a couple of fingers into her vagina far enough in to see if the cervix is closed.

Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thankyou for the information.  yes she is bigger than when she was with the buck but never got really big we are thinking she probably has only one kid.  I just checked in on her  ligaments still feel the same ( although Im not sure if I am doing it right) sides do not appear sunk in Tomorrow will be day 163, hopefully something will happen by day 165 if not then ill try the herbal induction agents. Ill will let you know what happens  Thanks again, Kelly

First time kidders usually have only one kid.  If the kid is on the left side (under the rumen) it is harder to feel/see.  If the kid is in the right horn of the uterus then it is easier to see move on the right side.  Re the pelvic ligaments - start about 4 to 5 inches up from the tailhead on the backbone - using thumb and forefinger pinch that area and then gradually move out (in a V shape) and down towards the tail head - on other goats the ligaments will fee like pencils, on does this close there should be almost nothing to feel and it feels mushy there along with your being able to put the thumb and forefinger almost around the backbone there.  The vaginal area should also be very puffy and bright pink and opens up a lot when she pees.  Hope this helps - Donna  


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