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QUESTION: I went to the flea market today and noticed this young doe off to the side , maybe a day or two old and she was dying. The guy just gave her to me cause I couldn't see her sit there and suffer. I took her to a friend that works for a vet and we placed her in some hot water and got her temperature up and she gave her some vitamins and electrolytes and then force fed her some milk. The baby was near death when I got her and has yet to get up and stand. She will move her head some and make some noise but she's only some better then what she was.
I have been giving her about an ounce to an ounce and a half of formula every two hours but it seems I can't keep her temp up ! I have her wrapped up in a towel and on a heating pad in the house.
She has went to the bathroom #1 and #2 but I am thinking she is getting the scours now! It kind of reminds me when our calves have had it . It's not like watery yellow yet but it's a thickish yellow and it stinks. Needless to say she is now in a diaper for right now .
I have three nanny goats I am going to try and milk in the morning when I can have some help doing it but I don't have the stuff to make the electrolytes ! Can I just give her some water and should I hold off on any more milk.
I knew when I got her she was most likely a lost cause but I want to try everything I can to make sure she survives.
My friend also thinks she is a premature goat because of something about the tubes in her ears? Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you have ever heard of a baby goat surviving from this . Thanks so much !

ANSWER: HI Samantha:
Forgive my tardiness - there was some sort of glitch where I never received a notice of  question pending here at AllExperts until this morning.

How is she doing now?  It is not impossible to get a baby  goat to survive birth chill or wimpy baby syndrome but it is never 100% successful.

mainly you need to watch the rectal temp  every hour or so to see if it is improving  or declining, Normal is 101.5 to 103.5 - anything below 100 is  potentially fatal but not always  - anything above 103.5 is considered fever and may be some sort of infection going on , with newborns could be  a navel ill type thing.

formula is the worst thing she could get - normal milk from the grocery is the best thing other than goat milk - baby goats cannot digest  milk replacers very well ( I know the feed stores carry them and the companies swear by them) but it gives kids  scours and  many times  kills them due to digestive issues - so  in  place of  real whole milk the next best thing would be canned evaporated milk diluted with water -  of course goats milk is best.

Here are some photos of baby goat scouring and normal poops at a young age :
Scours can also be caused from EColi, salmonella and other  bacterial  infections-
The only way to determine which thing would be a  stool sample to the vet for testing.

For birth chill  situations  here is a guideline of what I do :
And yes I have has kids who were  basically dead  when I reached them or they were brought to me and have survived .. and yes I have also lost some. :(

Nutri drench ( )  is a great thing for kids who have had a rough start -  it is also found at the feed store - sometimes   for pets  or cattle.. or sheep .. if they do not have the goat  NutriDrench  you can use one of the others..  all basically the same with minor adjustments  in nutritional ingredients - something is better than nothing at an emergency stand point. .. a couple squirts  directly into the mouth a few times a day gives them a great  nutritional boost . It is also great for any ill goat.

In addition Biosol ( ) also found at most feed stores is  Neomycin  Sulfate - which I believe also comes in powder form.. in other brands and is used for  EColi  - I did a quick search and apparently Biosol has been discontinued and replaced according to the website

CD ANTI toxin is also a good thing to use and have on hand.. tractor supply usually has it or order it online from places like Jeffers farm and ranch or ValleyVet - this is NOT CDT Toxoid-
Here is a photo of what it is and how to use it:

I always use this for cases of gut related issues, what they do not need they will pee out and can be a live saver -  impossible to over dose this.

As far as tubes in the ears? I have no idea what she is talking about..  something I am not aware of or have heard of.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for replying ! Last night I took her to my friend and we put an IV of fluids in her and I was hopeful that she was getting better. Her temp was 102.4 and she was licking her lips and sucking lightly on my finger and what not . I woke up with morning and noticed her breathing was labored. I did everything I knew to do to help her and it didn't help . Katniss passed away in my arms a little after my husband took our sons to school. I was devastated but I knew this was more than likely the outcome under the conditions that I got her. I am just so aggravated and words can't explain the contempt I have for this man right now. I will bookmark this site as to I am new to breeding goats and what not but so far haven't have problems out of my own herd . Again thanks !

ANSWER: Hi Samantha:
I am so very sorry you lost your baby.. I assume you used Ringers lactate for the drip ? if so how much did you  use? In the vein or under the skin?  I ask because per a vet's request once I  gave a little baby too much and it drowned her.. her chest had edema when I was done, he said not to worry.. found out later  she died of congestive heart failure due to the fluids.. too much .. I should have stopped  at 100 mls instead of giving her the entire 250 ml bag :(  - now I know.
Not knowing her background and what she went through before you got her was  a real shot in the dark.. I was really hoping she would make it - sometimes it just is not meant..  I am very sorry and yes I know just how you feel about the guy.. Been there many times over the years :(

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It was under the skin and I believe she was given 60 ml of fluids .

I think then  that this could be ruled out.. :)  Some times the ones who are going to die, have a good day just before they crash.. this is adults and babies alike - something to keep in mind for future years.. I have seen it happen in almost every case of  long  illness (a few days or so) where they are really doing and sick.. they  have a day when they look  great..  like the last hurray.. next day they crash..  it happens..
You did everything you could for her.. like I have no idea what happened the days before you got her.. history is a big thing when dealing with sick goats - to know  what has gone on prior to illness..  


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