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I have a 3 year old Nubian/Boer cross doe (not bred) who is experiencing a bit of bloating, loose stools (half poo and about half like yellow jello and a very small amount of blood).

I noticed she wasn't acting normal night before last and yesterday saw the loose stools. She is not eating much and tends to stay by herself in the open shed. Her Famaca score was 3 so I wormed her with moxidectin/praziquantel gel yesterday evening.

I also noticed she tends to gravitate to the mineral salts instead of eating the feed. She has free access to alfalfa hay and small amount of feed in the evenings so that I can put them up at night.

Due to weather conditions contact with regular veterinarian has been unsuccessful as well as others in the area. Did get in touch with a small animal vet but she said she knew nothing about goats and could not help me.

Sorry for the delay, been at work all day. Make sure she has lots of water. The blood is a little concerning. I would give kaolin pectin (or pepto bismol if that is what you have) to help firm up the stool. That and the deworming may solve the problem. Also, if you have some wheat straw or other roughage, it can help get the rumen working well and consequently, help with the whole digestive system. If she is too bloated, try massaging the abdomen to release some of the gas.

Let me know if the problem continues or worsens.


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