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Hi. I have a small herd of  boar cross goats that for the last week they are getting watery mattery eyes and some have mattery noses. They have kidded around two months ago the kids dont seem to have watery eyes.  They are keeping good condition not loseing weight or any thing I am just woundering what it could be and what i can do about it. Thanks

It could be a simple cold or virus. I have had a number of goats getting cruddy eyes after kidding, but then it goes away. Just keep a close eye on them, make sure they continue to eat and drink. If you see worsening, it should be investigated. If their eyes do not improve, you can use a drop of oxytetracycline or port wine in the eye, which is the treatment for pinkeye. You could also check the temps on some who have the problem to assure yourself they are normal.  


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