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Goats/1 day old limp kid urgent


QUESTION: New kid arrived yesterday afternoon. Nanny cleaned her but could not get her to nurse. Front legs were stiff and she walks on her front knees. Gave milk last night since mom wldnt be still to nurse. Brought in again this morning and gave milk and vitamin e. Went to tc after work to get supplement with vit e and selenium. Came back and she is just lying there limp. Will cry occasionally but eyes are closed. Gave 2 of the 4 mls of supplement. She

ANSWER: Did she get colostrum? That is essential to her immune system. If not, it may be late, but try to milk the doe and give her some now. Is she nursing on a bottle? If not, need to tube feed her some electrolytes to give her a boost. Also include some baking soda, although floppy kid syndrome does not usually start this soon.

She may have a physical defect that is causing the problem; or a nutritional deficiency. I hate to say it, but you are more than likely to lose her. When they start out this weak they usually do not make it. She needs a BoSe shot, which is vet-prescribed, for white muscle disease. Keep her warm. Good luck.

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QUESTION: I lost her. She seemed okay when I had her in the house. I couldn't get nanny to let her nurse but after she would take the bottle I put her back out with mom in the barn. She was pooping and peeing when inside. And seemed alert. After an hour or so with mom she was limp and would cry occasionally. Plugged up a heating pad to warm her and she was gone. What can I do differently next time? Is there some way to prevent these types of births?

Did mom get BoSe the month before kidding? And fed grain and alfalfa for last two months of pregnancy? Those two things are the most important. Sometimes you just cannot prevent it though. I lost one last year; she was just too little and didn't have the spunk to survive. So you don't need to blame yourself. Sometimes it just happens. I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain of losing these little kids. They are so sweet.


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