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QUESTION: Hi Donna , my cousin has a goat that has had a bit of chicken feed , 3-4 cups , this was 2 days ago . Very quickly she developed diarrhea , and has gone of feed , meaning hay . She really hasn't bloated big , but is very tight in her belly and rumen , not soft if you push on it . Treatment thus far , yogurt and acidophilus , Electrolytes , although not enough really as you have to drench her with it . Starting penicillin for entrotoximea . Also , 7 cc New Cell . Pretty sure this is entro at this point , we have no antitoxin for this so only hope is the things we are doing . Also bio-sponge has been given to her . Thinking about tubing her for the electrolytes . Is there anymore can be done , she is alert and up , but would rather lay down , this is day 2 no hay very little water , afraid if we don't get control soon she will die .

ANSWER: Chicken feed usually obstipates goats.  If the goat is under 6 months of age then it could start entero but adult goats generally do not get this.  So mineral oil given at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds every 2 hours for three doses and then again the following day usually helps.  Keep her drinking water or if she is not drinking then drenching is needed to keep her hydrated so the bolus of feed stuck in her intestines can flow through.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , she is a year old and has a kid , and weighs around 110 . She does have the runs already , so just to confirm , mineral oil at 1/2 cup every 2 hours for three dose's and is it three doses tomorrow ? O big one here , do we stomach tube as the owner doesn't have the patience to drench , how much water is enough , and how often ?

Thanks for the update.  Yes on the mineral oil amount.  Glad she has diarrhea as that generally indicates there may not be any obstipation.  Would see how she is tomorrow and if still diarrhea would not give any more mineral oil.  Would not stomach tube as that can create its own issues in adult goats.  Drenching is better - one or two cups of liquid/electrolytes every 2 to 4 hours.  Would start her on B vitamins and probiotics tomorrow.  Donna


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