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I got a new goat about 2 weeks ago. She was fine.  Now for the past few days she has diarrhea bad. I gave probotic. 2 days ago. No change. She's still eating. I know the food change did sonething. She came from a sometimes fed hay by got feed human food alot. I have a lot more grass and leaves for her and hay always available.  Worming and shots are to be done sat on my herd. What can I give her now to help her. She is about 8 years old maybe older.

Sounds like this is just digestive upset, especially if the diarrhea is a brown color.  If not brown, let me know for a different remedy.  Feed changes can certainly bring on diarrhea so would start her on peptobismol (people type is fine/and is cheaper than the gallon you buy at the feed store) at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight given as an oral drench every four hours for three doses, then wait a day and see if this helps.  If she were not eating and otherwise looking okay except for the diarrhea this could be a bacterial diarrhea.  Let me know how the pepto works.  Would keep giving probiotics - gel, powder or yogurt all work well.  What do you use to worm your goats?  Some wormers are more intense and I would not give her these while she is getting used to the new feed regimen.  If the vaccination is a CDT toxoid that is okay to give.  Hope that helps - Donna


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